Figgy Leafy Twirling Goodness!

It’s late spring here in Scotland – daisies, birdsong, yellow fields full of rapeseed flowers and even sunshine. No place for Autumn leaves? Oh, I think we could make allowances.

I can’t tell you how much I love this quilt! The pattern is Twirl by Fig Tree and Co. It’s charm pack and jelly roll friendly and I’ve never seen one I didn’t like. I think it’s the curling twirling stems which make it. For such a simple quilt pattern, it’s really pretty!

This is made with a variety of Fig Tree & Co fabrics from different collections including Honeysweet, Tapestry, Somerset, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Farmhouse, Strawberry Fields Revisited, Butterscotch and Rose and my new favourite, Chestnut Street. Many were charms and mini charms left over from my Fig Tree EPP hexagon quilt top (which is finished by the very way! Another story for another day) –  but this quilt looks equally as good using just one collection or other fabrics. In fact it was seeing the beautiful version made by my friend @sewbernice on Instagram which made me finally move this quilt to the top of the “To Make” list!

I did add a few extra yellows from Riley Blake’s Vintage Daydream collection as in the picture above. I love a bit of yellow in quilts – in this particular quilt it makes me think of Autumn sun on these softly falling leaves.

I borrowed my mum’s spare bed to see what it looks like on a double bed as mine’s a king sized. And my room’s much messier! I shortened this quilt from the original pattern – it should be 4 leaves across by 5 leaves down, which would have made it fit the bed nicely. I had wanted it as a lap quilt (it’s approx 64″ ) but I think I’ll sleep under it in the summer. I probably shouldn’t have shortened the pattern after all. I’m a titch though, so it’s all good.

I used one of my favourite ever fabrics on the back – Budquette in Nightfall by Bari J. I had 4 metres stashed away, and much as it was painful to use it all up, I love that I will get to see it all the time. I love the back just as much as the front! It’s difficult to use precious fabrics, and expensive to make backs from designer fabrics, but when it’s a quilt you are going to use, it’s worth it – you pretty much end up with a reversible quilt.

I used Sew Simple light 100% cotton batting, which is scrimless – you have to quilt it at least 4″ apart which means fairly dense quilting, but even so it is snuggly and drapes really well. Batting matters! I did an allover loopy leafy pattern with Superior Threads So Fine! Thread in the top and Bottom Line in the bobbin, which gives a nice fine quilting line on both sides. I’m certainly into this thread combination at the moment, and my machine likes it, but I’m not done with experimenting. No wonder quilting is an expensive hobby. So many options!

Right, I’m off to snuggle a new quilt. Hope Spring is bringing you all much joy and creativity, my friends.

Till the next time, Poppy xxx

P.S. you can buy the downloadable Twirl pattern here if you like:

6 thoughts on “Figgy Leafy Twirling Goodness!

  1. Such a beauty of a quilt. I love these colours and design. It’s a much more natural leaf design than the usual leaf design you see. Will add it to my list of possible purchases for May is for Makers. But the colours are just perfect and clinch it for me. I’m trying to make an autumn feel quilt but it’s got all too red so I shall study your pick of colours to get some new colour ideas.


    1. Thank you so much lovely! I love it too. I agree about the pattern – I was specifically looking for a leaf block pattern, and this was my favourite. Very straightforward too. Fig Tree and Co tend to do a Spring collection and Fall/Autumn collection each year – although these are from a mixture of their previous collections, I chose a good amount of the autumnal colours, so really most of the work was done for me! It’s very flattering that this will influence your Autumn quilt, thank you for your encouragement as ever. ❤


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely compliments! I’m going to sleep under it when it’s too hot in the summer to sleep under duvets, so it’s just as well you doubt think it’s too Autumnal! I’m with you! Thank you again 💕

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  2. Your quilt is beautiful, even though it is an autumn pattern it has a spring vibe – I think it’s the lovely prints that you chose! I really like the baking fabric too.


    1. Thank you Anna, you’re so kind! I agree, the colours are not too Autumnal. I think it’s those yellows – I’d put a little yellow into every quilt if I could! Thank you ❤❤❤


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