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Welcome to my little sewing blog! I’ve been sewing since my mother finally (!) let me have a needle and thread aged seven, happily hand stitching with her scraps until I was a uni student and wanted to sew myself some clubbing dresses. Mum showed me how to use her sewing machine, and a fascinated passion was born. 20ish years on, with clubbing days behind me, a lovely husband, sweet small boy and hairy little terrier later, and I’m a sewing addict, with a passion for pretty fabrics and patterns. This blog is to chronicle some of my sewing journey and share and learn from my fellow bloggers; I’ve switched to WordPress from Tumblr (May 2015) so you might now be able to say hello back if you like! I sell some of my goods to fund my out-of-hand fabric addiction, and love custom making the perfect thing for someone, although I keep having to rein myself in as this is a definitely a hobby rather than a business! So much fabric prettiness out there, it’s hard not to share it. Happy crafting, Poppy xx

4 thoughts on “About me

    1. Hello! Thanks so much for commenting! I only do a little tatting now and then, I’m so busy quilting and sewing, there is never enough time! I only do needle tatting too. I do by patterns from Etsy now and then but really I don’t tat enough to end up buying a lot for it. I had to re-buy my Rebecca Jones book (which I see you also recommend!) as I have totally lost my 30 year old copy! It’s probably with someone I lent it to. My tatting is not as wondrous as yours, you’re very talented! Tiaras sound amazing. ❤


  1. Hi, I am doing a quilting bee for the DCMQG. It’s a small hive (6 people) who will be making two blocks each for me. Do you mind if I use you tutorial and pattern for the scrappy plus sign quilt?


    1. Hi Nichole, you are so very sweet for asking! Of course you can! The original concept wasn’t mine as I said in the post, I just made it a slightly different way, with slightly different measurements. I’m honoured that you choose to use my tutorial! Hope your quilt comes out beautifully and that you enjoy it!


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