A finally finished postage stamp quilt!

This quilt has been a LONG time in the making!

64″ x 80″ of 2″ scrappy fabric goodness. Worth the wait?

I started it as a Leaders and Enders project. You know, when you have a big box of small pieces next to your sewing machine and you start and end long seams and chain piecing by sewing them together and always leaving a piece under the needle?

Like this above. It stops your machine eating the fabric when you start sewing something together, especially like an HST or corner. And then at some point you realise you have a heap of blocks sewn together – a quilt with hardly any effort!

That was my box of squares – those pictures came from my original blog post when I was making the quilt top and I described that process and Leaders and Enders in more detail. The post is here if you want to see it.


Hee hee, patchwork craziness! It’s not staying on this bed… But it is the first quilt I’ve made that actually covers my king sized bed! The top anyway.

Anyway, 2 years ago I found I had all these 8 patches and I spent a happy relaxing weekend sewing them all together. There’s something so restorative about mindless sewing, especially when vast quantities of interesting fabrics are involved!

But then, gosh, I dunno. 64″ x 80″ is a big quilt and I got put off by the basting. I’m a terrible basting procrastinator. Anyway, I finally plucked up the courage, and guess what? Yep, totally fine. I never learn!

This time I used a new batting by Bosal – called Katahdin Autumn weight. It’s needlepunched 100 % cotton batting, crucially with no scrim. I say crucially because I dislike the polypropylene scrim binder that you get in many battings. It can range from 5% (eg Sew Simple cotton) to 12.5% (Warm & Natural “cotton”). This is a conversation for another day, but suffice to say I almost exclusively now use Quilters Dream battings for this reason, although it’s very expensive in the UK. However this new Katahdin batting came on the market, and I’m impressed! It’s maybe a smidge heavier and less silky than Quilters Dream Cotton (Select weight) but really very good. I will definitely keep using it. Although Quilters Dream Orient will be reserved for my special quilts obviously!

How sweet is this backing? I got it from The Fabric Guild UK at an amazing price. I wish I’d bought the whole roll. I love it. Oh and I did some loopy free motion quilting to soften all those lines of course.

I’ll leave you with my “quilt in the wild” shot – not really so wild; it’s the entrance to the forest next to our house; we were literally opposite our house! But I love the way that firstly my husband looks like he’s been pixelated, and secondly how those majestically tall trees can make an 80″ quilt look like a handkerchief! ❤

Till the next time,

Poppy xx

4 thoughts on “A finally finished postage stamp quilt!

  1. An amazing quilt Poppy, I love all the tiny squares of different fabrics that work so well together. I shall be looking through my scraps now and start my own box of starters and enders. Thank you for the inspiration!


    1. Aww thank you so much for your lovely comment! I love so much that you’re going to start one. The nice thing too is that I just kept adding squares to the box as I generated the scraps – you don’t have to cut everything in advance, it’s just an ongoing thing until you feel you have enough! I used 2 1/2″ squares which meant I copied up leftover charm squares and even whole orphan charm packs that I had bought because I loved the collection but I hadn’t actually found a use for – better used than in a cupboard! The only fabrics I didn’t use were those which were predominantly black or brown. But otherwise you’re right, all the colours look so great together! I’m so thrilled to have inspired you, hope you enjoy it. Thanks for visiting 💕💕💕


  2. This is amzing! So much time and dedication must have gone into making it, and it was well worth the effort. I love your scraps project (I really liked your bag too) and am definitely thinking of doing something like this, so thanks for the inspiration! I will probably start with a cushion though, I’m so impressed that you made a king sized quilt out of small fabric scraps! I have to say, I really love the patchwork craziness photo…


    1. Hi Anna, thanks so much for visiting! Scraps are SO much fun, I love the way that they all play well together. I really hope you get to do a scrap project soon – a cushion sounds perfect. Or a bag… I love my new bag, use it all the time – turns out I’ve needed a big tote bag for a long time! And although you still need a lot of scraps, it’s a lot less than for a quilt…! Thanks again and take care ❤


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