I think I’m a Scrappy Bag Lady.

How much do I love my new bag? THIS much! (You’ll have to use your imagination a little, but I’m stretching till it hurts over here).

I have to tell you it is extremely heavily influenced by the Happy Scrappy Purse Pattern by Crazy Mom Quilts. Crazy mom? Crazy talented I say. She’s the absolute queen of scrappy projects, having written a couple of great books on organising and using your scraps. So I was doing just that:

And I was amazed and touched when she saw the middle picture on Instagram and sent me the pattern for her Happy Scrappy Purse. Just like that! What a lovely lady. Here’s a picture of her pattern.

Gorgeous huh? You can read her blog post about it here, with a link to buy the pattern. http://crazymomquilts.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/scrap-happy-purse-pattern.html?m=1

It’s a great pattern as you’d expect from her, clear and straightforward. The only thing is that I really needed a GIGANTONORMOUS bag. I had struggled to contain all my guitar equipment at the last wee gig I did (a pickup and lead, music stand, guitar stand and A4 size music, water bottle etc) and I ended up taking a giant shopping bag – fine but disappointing for a sewist whose first love is bag making!

So to rectify my lack-of-giant-bag-ness, I changed the dimensions to 19″ wide, 5″ deep, and added some sparkly linen at the bottom just to stretch the scraps out. Speaking of sparkly linen…

Look at this! This is metallic Essex linen by Robert Kaufmann. It really does sparkle, and added a fun element to my already fun bag. I can’t believe that it’s so smooth and comfortable, not prickly or stiff like I thought it might be. I used fusible bosal-in-r-form interfacing for firm structure, and had no problems ironing the linen with a high heat and plenty of steam/ water. I rather love this stuff. Ha, both the Bosal and the sparkly linen – modern fabrics are remarkable!

The back – more scrappy goodness!

I was extremely indulgent; being a woman in a male dominant household, I went pink. Pink for the lining (Heather Ross’ Swim Sisters from Mendocino) and pink floss with which to sew on the handles. I think of pink as a secret and delicious bit of self-indulgence; not that my family mind pink, but I tend to limit it in our family makes. This one is mine!

Leather-like handles were suggested by Crazy Mom Quilts, and I’m glad I took that suggestion, although of course you can make them or buy strapping. I definitely love my bag even more because of them! It seems… more substantial.

You know the best thing about scraps? You throw them all together and they look great. No wait, it’s because they bring back memories of old projects. Hang on, no, actually, it’s that they’re free. Um, or maybe because they’re so interesting to look at? Sheesh. Just use your scraps people. 😁😜😚💕

Till the next time,

Poppy xx

4 thoughts on “I think I’m a Scrappy Bag Lady.

  1. This is lovely and what a kind gesture. There’s nothing more satisfying making something unique that you need for whatever aspect of your life. I have to say I like the solid bottom half. While I love using scraps, for me they really shine when they have a plain fabric next to them. And as you say all scraps play nicely with each. You realise that I may have to copy you …..again.


    1. Hi lovely, as you really do say the loveliest and most considered things. And I love that you feel inspired – imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all that! Thank you!


  2. This is amazing! It seems like a truly magical bag which will fit absolutely anything. What a great way to use all those lovely scraps too. I have to say, my favourite part might be the metallic linen at the bottom, it’s stunning!


    1. Hi Anna, I think you’ll love the metallic linen! I bet you could use it to imaginative effect! The bag had its first outing today; took the kids out to our local country park, and I took flasks of tea and biscuits, napkins, change of clothes for all the mud etc – and it was still only half full! So yes, giant, I love it, highly recommend making a big bag! It stayed in the car though so it could have been a shopper.Thank you! Hope life’s treating you well 💕


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