Vintage modern-ruby stars quilt – finally finished!

I was banging on about rediscovered project mojo the last time I blogged this – which was when I had made the quilt top (and shared the tutorial). Yeah. 15 months ago. Star blocks made 3 1/2 years ago. Oops. Go-slow-mojo. Never mind, it got there in the end – and is finished!

vintage modern Ruby stars

I’m going to be clear on this – I’m not the best photographer. It looks much better than this up close and personal. Partly the quilting gives it that drapey, textured, soft, 3-dimensional look and feel that pictures can’t:

quilting - loop and leaf

Can you see it? I have kept up my resolution to do some non-stippling quilting – this is a loop-de-loop combined with a leaf pattern. Quite straightforward and good fun to do! Looks pretty with all the loops, and the leaves make it looks a bit heirloomy. It uses a lots more thread, but is kind of easier than a stipple (although I have mastered the basic stipple now so it’s hard to tell) I think because it’s easier not to get hemmed into a corner. All that Ghostbustery “don’t cross the lines” with stippling means turning corners can sometimes require the foresight of a Chess Grandmaster. Unless you just stop, cut threads and restart elsewhere as I do. Ping – take that Kasparov with your castling and checkmates, I just chopped the head off your queen. I have no idea what I’m on about. Moving on…

I wasn’t that happy with the original quilt top even after quilting; I was still affected by how I saw the fabrics of Ruby (by Bonnie and Camille for Moda) “too few headliner fabrics and too many fillers”, and the addition of a bit of Vintage Modern” (again by Bonnie and Camille for Moda) really pepped up the border, but only came AFTER the stars were made. You can read about my woes over this much-anticipated fabric in my original post if you’d like here:

So it still looked as though it was missing something to me. So I added some hand quilting in a red Perle 8 cotton around each of the stars. I cannot tell you how much difference this has made close up. It looks great. Truly. FINALLY.

loop and leaf quilting

This is the back:

quilt back - rosalieDSC_0188

This is going to the girl who was my best friend at secondary school (high school). You know the friend who never judges you, always supports you, laughs and cries with you, studies with you, paints your nails and listens to your woes about boys – and will tell you if you’re going wildly off-course? The one with whom you laugh until you cry? Regularly? And you really can’t remember why? That friend. She was a really great friend, and we’re still in touch although of course our lives went in such separate directions and we live so far away that we don’t do that any more – but somewhere in our memories our two 15 year old selves are lounging around in her room, crying with laughter. Admittedly it’s for her 40th which was 9 months ago, but at least there has been a lot of thought and time put into this quilt! I hope she enjoys using it.

vintage modern ruby quilt

Measure about 60″ square, uses 3 charm packs ish, some white yardage and about 3/4 metre of fabric for the border and binding. If you would like the tutorial for the quilt top you can find it here:

Till the next time,

Poppy xx

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