and wowsers, off I go into cyberspace trying to bring all my fabric and precious Janome with me 🙂

And hi and thanks for coming to say hello!

So I’m going to just launch right in there till I get the feel of all this! Having been a passionate sewist and collecter and drooler-over beautiful fabrics for years, I’m finally doing my first real craft fair tomorrow, at least the first that isn’t at our hospice fair, where I work. This is in the grounds of a lovely stately home in our Scottish village for their open day; I say lovely, I haven’t visited it yet, but it has that kind of reputation. I’m just happy to be hanging out with the other folk in the village and being part of it all!

I will at some stage make a gallery of the unsold items in case folk are interested later – you can email me at poppy@cuckooblue.co.uk to arrange and for prices etc. Online prices will be a bit higher due to website and paypal fees 😦  unless the customer is local and we can transact in person!

craft fair preps have been fun – lots of sewing obviously – little things in particular, as I think people don’t do big impulse buys at fairs, despite my passion being quilts at the moment! But tons of stuff i hadn’t considered at the start of this – paper bags, labels, table, gazebo, a float… it’s been fun though. I guess I’ll see tomorrow if I was prepared enough!

Meanwhile here are some pictures:

This is a trial run in my hall! Following which I ran off to the neighbour to borrow another table (not only adorable but she has everything in the world hidden in some cupboard or another!)

A close-up – some frame purses (£8) , zip coin purses (£4), washbags/ makeup bags (£5/ £7.50), Kindle cases (waterproof interlining for (8.50):

 And some extreme close-ups 😉

Zippered coin purses

 – oh man did I get good at making these after 16 of them… I did get a bit carried away…

Cute Kindle cases – because everyone with a toddler knows you must waterproof everything!

All things lavender – Smelling this good AND repelling moths at the same time – got to be a good thing, right?

Doorstops (£8.50) – my mum can’t get enough of these, so I couldn’t lose by making them. not sure why she needs so many, she has only an average amount of doors…

 And Roll-up travel chalkboards for kids, I love thesefor my boy

Oops, way past bedtime! See you after the fair for an update – and to spill the beans on what went wrong no doubt!


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