Happy scrappy boho sewing

I’m tap-tapping on my phone in kiddo’s bed as he has sore ears. He’s been calpolled and is now sleeping, but I am too comfy to get up now. Those soft little breaths from him sleeping peacefully is way more restful than whale song and waterfalls. Those hippy relaxing music CD makers missed a trick. Although on a CD it might just sound like heavy breathing, which would be less calming and more creepy stalkerish. I digress, I meant to say there would be less chatter and more pictures!


My dear artist friend just had a birthday. She paints but doesn’t sew and really appreciates handmade things. I decided to raid my scrap piles and try a scrappy log cabin effect. This is an instagram pic (I’m Cuckooblue) and admittedly there are filters on here, but the light was bad when I photographed it on the bed so the filter captures the spirit of it actually better!2016-03-13 21.51.58.jpg

It’s very bright and quite crazy, even without the filter. I think objectively I should have limited my colour palette somewhat. I would like to have another go at that. And I am not crazy about the quilting – I wish I had gone with the original plan to densely straight line quilt it but I thought there were enough straight lines, and that artists are free flowing souls. Now I’m kicking myself for not thinking of concentric circles in invisible thread. Next time.

… So, despite the fact I like it and, weirdly, the Hubster loves it (?!), I think all those regrets freaked me out and I started again, this time making her this:


A “Big and Beautiful Betty” bag, with pattern and supplies from the amazing Lisa Lam.  I have made 4 of these in the past, and the pattern is straightforward yielding a professional looking bag with a vintagey art feel. It is also fairly big unless you still have a toddler in tow (in which case you need a bag on wheels, obviously.)

This is the other side:


I went for a mustard yellow lining :


Fabric is La Strada by Alexander Henry (from a 2008 collection I think) and is riotously difficult to get hold of now. I have a bit of this left and a small piece left in the blue colourway, the latter of which I am probably going to die with. I have replaced the fabric strap with a crossbody leather strap on my bag which adds to the cost but makes for a really beautiful and unique bag.

…and she loves it! Phew. My original post links to Lisa Lam’s pattern and supplies shop (U-handbag); you can see it here:


Right, kiddo (who did waken and wail loudly like a banshee whilst I was writing this, poor wee scone) seems to have settled again, so I will love you and leave you. May your crafts be crazy and your ears be painfree.

Until the next time,

Poppy xx